Good Neighbor Program - Social Event Registration (ATU)

The purpose of the Social Event Registration, a component of the Good Neighbor program, provides hosts with the opportunity to receive a warning from police, while providing a 20 minute window to voluntarily terminate or quiet the event after a noise complaint has been received. The warning may be given either by phone or delivered in person by a Russellville Police officer.

The information that you provide while registering your event will be sent to the Russellville Police Department and the Pope County 911 Center prior to the event. If a noise complaint is called in regarding your event, you and/ or your alternate will be notified in person, or by phone, of the alleged complaint. If no other violations of law are observed or reported to the Russellville Police, then the preferred method of handling the noise complaint will be with a warning.

This social event registration does not prevent the Russellville Police from taking law enforcement actions when violations of Federal, State, or Local laws are reported to this agency or are witnessed by officers. This registration only provides the opportunity for a warning on the first reported noise complaint when no other illegal activity is reported or observed.

Your actions have an impact. Make it a positive one. Be a good neighbor both on and off campus. Please complete and submit this form within 72 hours of your event. Please click on this link to fill out the form.

Citizens Police Academy

The Russellville Police Department began the Citizens Police Academy in 2006 and just completed the 10th class in 2015. Since its inception, we have graduated over 140 Alumni and built lasting relationships with those participants. This program opens lines of communication between the public and the Russellville Police Department and lets them see what a police officer does and how a department is ran. This program allows the department to pull back the curtain and the participants see all of the intricacies of the department. The participants go through a 8-week course and are educated on every aspect of policing from:
  • Overview of the Department Policy and Budget
  • Criminal Investigations Division
  • Drug Enforcement
  • DWI Detection
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Public Information/ Community Programs
  • Pursuit Policy and Practical
  • School Resource Officer
  • Warrants

Youth Academy

The Youth Academy is a spin-off from our annual Citizens Police Academy. The alumni from the previous Academies wanted something that would educate the Youth on the role of policing in society and answer questions for those interested in Law Enforcement as a career field. That led to the development of the Youth Academy at the Russellville Police Department. The Youth Academy has grown in popularity over the past several years.  We now offer two classes in the summer.  The first is usually in mid June. This class is for ages 10 to 12 Year Old.  The second class is for 13 to 15 Year Old and is usually in mid July.  The Youth Academy allows the youth to interact with Officers and build strong life long friendships with our men and women.  We also branch out to all of the other departments and let them see how all of the emergency services work.  This event has several practicals and promises to send the kids home and straight to bed.  We look forward to many more youth academies.  We begin the application process in Early May.  Like our Russellville Police Department Facebook Page for more and to be notified in May on when we begin our application process.   If you are interested, contact Capt. Ewing at 479-968-3232 for more information.

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program has been a great way for officers to become more involved in the lives of the citizens we serve. The neighborhood watch program has grown to over 6 active neighborhoods throughout the city.  This program allows a neighborhood to develop and active plan on preventing crime in their area.  It allows that neighborhood to build a network and communication and trust between all who are involved.  We usually begin the neighborhood watch with a general meeting to see who all is interested in the area.  If interest is strong then we have a block party inviting more to be involved.  After the block party is over with, we hope to have a strong foundation for your neighborhood watch program to build from.   If you are interested, contact Capt Ewing at 479-968-3232.

Crime Alert Network App

The Russellville Police Department is proud to introduce the Crime Alert Network App. This program is designed to get information to the citizens of Russellville in a quick and timely manner.  It is able to alert citizens when a crime trend is occurring, of a missing or abducted child, persons wanted by the department, and upcoming safety and prevention events around the city.

The network would also allow the citizens to send crime tips or information in a confidential manner. The program is an addition to the Silent Partner Tip Line and helps to solve crimes, generate leads and give the citizens of Russellville a way to assist the police in fighting crime.  You can add our Phone App here

You can submit crime tips by calling the Silent Partner Tip Line at 479-967-2221. All calls Are confidential. You may also email the Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

Home and Business Crime Prevention

The Russellville Police Department is now Performing Security Surveys on your Home and Business. One of our Officers who is trained in performing security surveys will come to your home and business to complete a survey.  It will take the Officer about an hour to complete the survey.  It will take the Officer a week to send you the completed survey in its totality.  While the Officer is performing the survey we ask that you are present throughout the survey so that the officer can provide some vital crime prevention tips while he inspects your property.  This is a free program that is provided to anybody in the community.  If you are interested, contact Capt Ewing at 479-968-3232 and set up an appointment today!

​Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Event

We provide an hour and half presentation on your response to an Active Shooter Event.  This program is for businesses in the area that want to educate their employees on a response plan to an active shooter event.  An active shooter event is quickly becoming a scary trend in America and your employees deserve the right to be educated and prepared for the possibility of this tragic event happening to them.  If you are interested, contact Capt. Ewing at 479-968-3232.

Other Programs

The Russellville Police Department also offers the following in addition to the already mentioned ones. Operation ID for children which is a program that allows you to bring your children into the department and Officer Latch will show you the proper way to keep a record and proper description of your child in case they go missing, Drug and Alcohol Prevention Seminars- this is a program that several of our Officers are trained in presenting drug prevention programs to all ages.  Child Passenger Safety Program- We have several trained Officers that are on duty 24 hours a day to provide child safety seat education and to help you properly install your car seat into your vehicle, Violence and Gang Prevention this program helps educate all ages on the threats and concerns on violent acts and gang activity in your area. There are many other educational seminars that are aimed at reducing crime and violence.