About Fire Operations
The Fire Department responds to an average of more than 2,000 incidents per year. Emergency Operations include fire suppression, emergency medical services (BLS and ALS), rescue, and hazardous materials response. The average response time from alarm to on-scene is less than 4 minutes.
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On critical medical calls, the closest engine company, each equipped with life-saving medical gear, is dispatched. Engine 1 and Engine 3 are paramedic units providing advanced life support. The Fire Department also provides technical rescue services, involving special training to handle emergencies such as high-angle rope rescue, confined-space rescue and swift water rescue.

Personnel & Equipment

Russellville’s 25.9 square miles are protected by 4 fire stations. Each station is staffed around the clock. The City of Russellville has an ISO rating of 2. Personnel are assigned to a 24-hour shift, working 1 shift on and 2 shifts off. All firefighters are certified emergency medical technicians. In addition:
  • 15 firefighters are paramedics
  • 43 firefighters are certified hazmat technicians

For More Information

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