Planning and Development

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Our Mission

Partner with the community to build a livable, sustainable and safe City by providing strategic, timely, predictable, cost effective planning and development services with a culture focused on community engagement, customer service, creativity, accountability and continuous improvement. We work closely with other departments to provide a comprehensive approach to planning the best future possible for Russellville.

We are comprised of 2 divisions:
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Code Enforcement

Zoning Code Update 2022 -

The City of Russellville has been working since September of 2021 to update the zoning and land subdivision regulations.  Three public input meetings have been held, a public input survey was available, and now these documents will be heard at City Council on September 15th for a first reading.  The documents are viewable by clicking the links.

To see the current Land Subdivision & Development Code or Zoning Code click here.

Planning and Zoning

Planning and Zoning

We guide community growth and development in a manner that protects resources, enhances quality of life, promotes distinctive neighborhoods and a vibrant downtown, and involves citizens in the decisions that affect them.

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation
We provide support to the Historic District Commission, which oversees design review for exterior alterations to buildings within historic district and maintains the Russellville Register of Historic Places.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

Our primary goal is to help ensure that property owners maintain compliance with the City of Russellville’s Adopted Regulations including zoning and building code infractions to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Russellville’s residents.

To view the GIS Maps for specific data sets, click on the pictures below.

Planning Map Opens in new window

Planning Map –
General information on properties within the City.

  Planning Projects

Planning Projects -
Projects currently under review by staff or awaiting a hearing. 



 Future Land Use Opens in new window

Future Land Use -
Future land uses as identified in the Reimagine Russellville 2040 Plan.


Flood Plains Opens in new window

Flood Plains -
Flood zones for the City of Russellville from FEMA FIRM panels.


 Historic Sites Opens in new window             

Historic Sites -
Downtown Historic District and properties on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Parks and Trails Opens in new window             

Parks & Trails -
Parks and trails inside the City. 

Aesthetic Corridor Opens in new window

Aesthetic Corridor -

Future Aesthetic Corridor from ATU to Downtown Russellville